Date Night

Sometimes – more often than I should probably admit – I find it very hard to like myself. I know that’s not particularly uncommon, or even mildly interesting to most people, but it is a truth.

Anyway, I saw some terribly overdone quote on Facebook earlier this week – something about love yourself like you would love the love of your life, or something inane like that. And I decided, heck, this whole self-betterment Cosmopolitan/718 Ways to Achieve Happiness industry does rake in millions – presumably for a reason. And so on Wednesday night I decided to blow off the press screening that I was supposed to go to, and decided to treat myself to a date instead.

Now, it has been a while since I’ve been on a date. Not since JJ, and that particular date was in late July. I know, I know. Anyway, I was a little rusty on the whole concept, but I think I may have won.

First, I treated myself to a nice bubble bath, with an old favourite book. I tend to reread the Harry Potter novels when I’m struggling emotionally – so if you know me, and you see that I’m reading Harry Potter, a hug is in order. Just saying.


Now, I usually lump foam bath into the “absolute luxury” category of shopping. I usually buy Radox ’cause it’s marketed as being fabulous – but I find it doesn’t make really decent foam, and the bubbles don’t last. And I feel super slimy. And it’s a little more expensive. Anyway, I ended up choosing something from the Good Stuff range at Pick n Pay – and it was awesome. Thick foam, the bubbles lasted longer than I did, and it smells superb! And I won’t lie, I definitely bought it for the blurb on the bottle at first, but I think it’s a new favourite.

2013-03-17 12.48.40

Then it was time to get all dolled-up… In my favourite pyjama pants. I’m loving that the nights are getting (slightly) cooler – means I can live in these bad boys again!

2013-03-13 19.20.53

And, of course, what date is complete without flowers? Now, I wasn’t actually going to by myself flowers, so I improvised.

2013-03-13 18.29.05

Then, I cracked open a baby bottle of JC le Roux and treated myself to a plateful of sushi. Also from Pick n Pay, freshly made. Hey, don’t ever say we’re not schmancy chez Whitehead.

2013-03-17 12.57.54

And then – oh goodness, this is so cheesy, don’t judge me – because on dates people are meant to say nice things to each other, I opened up my journal and started writing some nice things to myself. Things I like about myself. Look, I’ll be honest, it’s currently a short-ish list, but I’m saving the page and will return to it as I think of things. I already did today.

And no, you’re not getting a picture! Ha.

And then it was time for a private screening of one of my favourite movies. It’s the Special, Extended Edition. It’s awesome.

2013-03-14 15.09.49

And then, midway through my movie, my mother texted and all my zen was shattered.

But still, you have to start somewhere. Learning to love yourself, it would appear, is a process.