Watch Die Antwoord’s Rich Bitch

I first posted this on this morning (hey, work comes first).

If you’ve been anywhere near the Internet over the past year, chances are you’ve heard of the South African band Die Antwoord. Anyway, they always cause a bit of a splash with their videos (Enter the Ninja, Evil Boy), and their new video is no different.

The only issue is… well… out here in the bush (Cape Town, South Africa) we can’t watch the “official” VEVO version of Rich Bitch. Because VEVO has “blocked it in your country on copyright grounds”. Ah, yes. Even though Yo-Landi sings about shopping at Shoprite and Woolworths, uses Julius Malema-themed toilet paper and is proudly displaying a groovy Mr Price popcorn bucket… South Africans have to use sneaky means to view the video.

And we are sneaky indeed. Massive props to the guys and gals who posted the video sans VEVO-block. Watch it below.