Hello, 2013.



And so it is 2013. The world did not end (told you so) and time marches on, as always, threatening to leave us behind – if we’re not careful.

I took a brief blogging hiatus while I was away – largely because there wasn’t very much to write about. Not anything that would interest you, Dear Readers. Or maybe these things would – my drunk dialling escapades, the current crushing weight of sadness I feel for things that are, things that were – and most importantly, for things that can never be again. It’s all hella depressing, but I’ll get past it. I always do. Sun comes up in the morning, etc.

Right. Not as shiny a start as initially anticipated, but whatevs. Following on the almost success of last year’s New Year’s Resolutions (the drink-less one, for example, only really fell apart in the last part of the year – leading me to do things like wake up in Bergvliet in full-on neon regalia after a 21st and drunk-dial someone) I’ve decided to put down some of my goals/resolutions for this year… But I want to actually think about what I want to achieve first. I have certain (physical) goals that I want to achieve, and certain changes that I would like to make, too.

Basically, I need to do some serious soul-searching – and I have needed to do so for some time now.

Looking back on 2012, it really hasn’t been all bad. Better than the hell-hole that was 2011, at least. Do I have regrets? Of course I do. But there have been some wonderful moments too – I made some serious headway career-wise, although said headway also nearly killed me, and I’m definitely going to have to scale it back a bit (or risk an actual, physical meltdown). I started doing a lot of gymming and things which has apparently had a significant impact. I made some wonderful new friends, too – and trimmed out some old ones. I helped some wonderful people achieve their dream of having a family. And my “relationship” (I’m sorry about the quotation marks, but seriously, I still don’t have a word for it) with J was wonderful while it lasted – even though I definitely could have handled it better. Lessons, however, have been learned – and there are still many more to come, I am sure. Here’s to transformation, here’s to new beginnings, here’s to looking forward.

Home is behind, the world ahead
And there are many paths to tread
Through shadows to the edge of night,
Until the stars are all alight.