The one with the shin splints

I have so much that I would like to talk about today – but won’t (Quack) –  so instead I’m going to talk about shin splints. And this being my blog, I’m going to talk about MY shin splints.

Look! Photographic evidence!

I’ve recently started gymming. Yes, yes. Try not to fall over. It’s all part of this whole self-improvement thing I’m working on. This involves not being a doormat, actually blow-drying my hair instead of going to bed with it still wet and making more time for myself (blogging, reading, long baths, favourite TV shows… You know).

So we do a lot of really awesome stuff involving kettlebells, pushing car tyres around the courtyard and carrying huge water cannisters up and down the patch of astro. It’s fun and it’s a wonderful way to just blank out and focus on nothing but you and your body.

It was inevitable, but at some point we were going to have to run. We’ve so far been sent up and down the stairs (about seven floors) – once eight times in a session as “active recovery”. I’m not a good climber, but I’m getting better. I think I’ve actually just got a mental block that I need to work through – separate issue.

So the trainer sends us running through the roads near our office. It’s a very very hilly area and the road we take is super steep. Which is no fun if you’re a newbie runner, and less fun if your shins decide to attack you with mind-explodingly bad pain. I’ve heard a variety of different theories as to why this sudden pain attacks – which made me cry during Monday’s run (true story) and made me duck out of a quarter of today’s run.

Firstly (and most oft referred to): Bad shoes. Okay, fair enough. I did buy mine cheap. From Edgars. As gym shoes, not running shoes. But nobody seems to want to tell me WHY they are bad shoes.

Secondly: Bad running form. I do try to run as properly as I can and try to focus on landing my feet correctly, but every now and then it feels as though my toes are trying to pull away from the floor and into the top of my shoe. No idea why.

Thirdly: I’m just not used to running. Fair enough. I think this is a ridiculously valid point and I’m trying as hard as I can to cling to that in the hopes that it will get better.

You see, because I want to get better. I’m struggling with really low self-esteem and I feel that if I can conquer that stupid run up that hill…

I can do anything.