Living on the ‘Edges’

So I went to see the musical Edges at the Kalk Bay Theatre last night. I took the Girls with me and we had a marvellous little excursion, which included cheese and wine and a full-on interrogation on my Wednesday night. (Girls’ Nights are dangerous, don’t let anybody fool you, boys.)

Anyway, it’s a marvellous show – all-music, no spoken dialogue – with a great and very pretty cast. It’s extremely funny, very clever (anybody who rhymes “verbal” with “gerbil” and manages to get “lupus” into a song gets two thumbs up from me) and also very moving (one song, Dispensible, almost had me in tears – I had one of those “It could have been written about me! *sob*” moments).


The cast of EDGES: David Fick, Luella Holland, Roland Perold and Shannyn Fourie. Pic by Andrew Brauteseth

I was chatting to our Lifestyle Ed this morning and I agree, it’s so great to see a quality production of a musical that we haven’t seen a thousand times before. The styling was fabulous (seriously, the clothes were amazing) and the set simple yet versatile. And the music was superb, with the cast of four supported by a wonderful pianist.

The four stars are fabulous – bursting with energy and sincerity – and they really did give it an absolute whirl.

The one thing that did irk me a little was how American they tried to make it. During the opening number the cast attempted strong American accents – but as the show progressed and they grew more comfortable, those accents disappeared. I was all for it – few things irritate me more than sketchy American accents. The show was originally written by two undergrads at the University of Michigan, so it’s obviously American enough by its very nature – I would have liked them to spend less energy on trying to keep the American accents up and rather just go with the flow.

Anyway, that aside – it’s fantastic fun. They’re at KBT until 25 June and will be travelling to the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown – so look them up if you’re in the area.

* PS. Look at me go. Three posts in one day.