New entries into the weird celebrity baby names canon

Jamie Oliver and family

Jamie Oliver and his interestingly-named family. Pic from

We’re all familiar with the old favourites… Pilot Inspektor, Audio Science, Moon Unit, Dweezil, Sage Moonblood and Fifi Trixibelle are often cited as examples of pure insanity when it comes to celebrities and their offspring.

But it seems that the desire among celebs to outdo their counterparts in the baby-naming stakes has by no means died down over the past few years. Welcome to the world, Mirabella Bunny, Bear Blue and Buddy Bear Maurice… Name change forms are included in your baby hamper.

Monroe and Moroccan

The Div[a]ine Ms Mariah Carey is famous for her attention-grabbing ways – and when “dem babies” finally decided to make their appearance, she tweeted hints as to her twins’ monikers. She eventually revealed her daughter’s name to be Monroe (after Marilyn Monroe, because apparently calling her ‘Marilyn’ would be too bland) and her son’s name Moroccan after… a room in her house. The Moroccan room. Poor kid.


Keeping with the theme of naming babies after North African countries (seriously, what’s next? Libya? Tunisia? Algeria?), there’s Alicia Keys’ son, named Egypt Dauode Dean. Egypt, of course, after the country – Dauode being the Arabic form of the Hebrew David – and Dean being dad Swiss Beatz’ real surname.

Buddy Bear

One of two Bears to be welcomed to the world in recent months, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s infant son Buddy Bear Maurice joins sisters Daisy Boo, Poppy Honey and Petal Blossoom. There’s something particularly insane about naming your child after a catch phrase made famous by Tigger. “Hiya, buddy bear!” indeed.

Bear Blue

Alicia Silverstone – former Clueless star and first-time mom – obviously wanted something different for her child. Fair enough. I suppose we could be grateful that she didn’t go for the more grammatically correct “Blue Bear” – although Blue as a first name had already been nabbed by The Edge. Sigh, tough life.

Mirabella Bunny

The animal theme runs quite strongly in Tinseltown, it appears. Very new first-time dad Bryan Adams welcomed a baby girl to the world with his personal assistant, and the two christened their new arrival “Mirabella Bunny”. The best part? Mirabella was named after the Easter Bunny – because, like all good bunnies, she arrived on Good Friday, just in time for Easter. Good grief.


Need a publicity boost? Have a baby!

Mariah Carey Life & Style cover

We got a very pregnant, very naked Mariah Carey on the cover of 'Life&Style'.

Mariah Carey’s twins are just a few days old and I’m already feeling mildly ill… Mostly because of the way she’s used her babies as one hell of a promotional tool.

Before the babies were even born we were simply swamped with Mariah and her who-the-heck-is-that-guy hubby Nick Cannon speaking to every newspaper and magazine they could find. We had stories about her cravings, stories about how tired she was, how lucky they were, her massive baby shower etcetera, etcetera, et-fucking-cetera. She showed off her baby bump and the twins’ nursery in a lavish magazine spread. And that is just the external publicity. After that is where my gag reflex kicks in. A lot.

If you head on over to Mariah’s official website and Twitter account (what? you mean you haven’t been there already?!) you’ll be bombarded with the usual buy-Mariah’s-perfume stuff. Which is okay. Then, there’s “dem babies” related-publicity. Now, I know that the Div[a]ine Miss M is hardly managing her own online profiles, but would have had to okay some of this stuff. What “stuff” am I talking about?

Well, the “Favourite Outfit contest”, of course! YOU can have a say in the first outfits the twins wear by taking a look at the gifts Mariah had received and then retweeting the options that YOU like best and telling the team YOUR thoughts!

Then, on Twitter…

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