New Year’s Resolution Accountability

So, a few days ago I posted a snapshot of the intro to my New Year’s Resolutions – which I had handwritten in my journal – to Facebook. Photo below. Excuse the handwriting.

ImageOne of my friends called me out on it, writing: “yeah, we want to see the whole thing, and then hold it to you publicly”. Fair enough. So follows my “resolutions” for 2013 – almost in their entirety. Hey, a girl’s allowed one private resolution, right?

  • To write more. Blog more. Journal more. More poetry, more creative writing. 
  • To stick to my current work-out routine – with a little extra, if I can fit it in. This will include signing up for trail runs, doing more runs on my own and trying to eat more healthily. And working up to using the 16kg as my “normal” kettlebell 🙂 (I’m now on the 12kg – I started with the 8kg!)
  • Save more money. Seriously. The little breathing space a bit of saved-up cash gives you does WONDERS for the stress levels.
  • Work smarter. Clear unwanted emails, write reviews and features on schedule, and turn down additional not-my-job work that can be done by somebody else.
  • Organise more social events. This is a big thing for me, because I’m utterly terrified of rejection. To the point that I don’t even invite my own damn friends around for coffee dates. Time to take charge. In 2012, I went out a bit more – and made some awesome new friends. It’s been fabulous for the soul. 
  • Try to relax. I know I suffer from severe stress and anxiety (If I wouldn’t stress myself to death over the cost of therapy, I’d go), so the goal is to learn to try to make some time, every day, to relax. And let things go. Just let things (and people) go.

So that’s it. For this year, at least.