A Song of Ice and Fire… And minor obsession

Like millions and millions and millions of people, I recently became hooked on HBO’s Game of Thrones. And, being the type of person that would much rather read the book first, I got far too into George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire.


Daenerys / Emilia Clark

Anyway, this has led to many, many, many hours doing ASOIAF-related things and having ASOIAF-related discussions with X over gtalk instead of, hypothetically, doing work.

(We also regularly get “Shhhh’ed” by company when we try to discuss anything these days. It’s a problem. We actually have to schedule solo dates so that people stop yelling at us.)

I’m about to embark on the fourth book (A Feast for Crows) after having my mind utterly blown by Storm of Swords. So far I’ve found the books to be utterly, ridiculously good. Seriously – they’re complex, amazingly well-threaded and very, very dense. I couldn’t love them more if I tried.

But I think the favourite thing about ASOIAF has been the immense global community that has sprung up around it – with the tiniest niche groups being catered for. I’ve found tumblrs dedicated to fan art (seriously, the Game of Thrones tumblr is amazing), Instagrammified Game of Thrones art, a Hipster Game of Thrones tumblr (“We liked Game of Thrones before it went mainstream, you know?”), and a real-life Game of Thrones cookbook. Like, for real. With a blog and everything. (X and I are planning a Game of Thrones-themed dinner party. For real. With a menu even Tyrion would approve of.)


Tyrion – Peter Dinklage.

It’s funny how ASOIAF has creeped into so many day-to-day habits. As I read something incredible, I’ll text X. I’ll find myself going over favourite phrases in my mind, and pondering over crazy fan theories. And if I can’t resist, every now and then I’ll Google ahead and find out what happens to a favourite character. (I’m terrible, I know. So far, all of my favourites seem to still be alive. Hooray!) It’s even crept into my workplace. There’s a ring of huge ASOIAF/Game of Thrones fans in my office, which is awesome.

The last time I felt this passionately about a series of novels was the Harry Potter franchise – and although that changed my life entirely