Hugh Laurie is so, so worth it…

He’s best known for his portrayal of the ridiculously, absurdly sexy Dr Greg House in House – and now Loreal has decided to make him the new face of their Men Expert range of products.

He’s got the rugged look that Loreal want, obviously – the I’m a real man, not a girl, look real men use our products too look that cosmetics companies are going for. But the genius lies in his personality – of which he has oodles, unlike the rather dull Gerard Butler.

Their behind-the-scenes promo video features Laurie at his self-deprecating best. He’s funny, charming and can hold the screen like nobody’s business. (I’m a fan, is it obvious?)

Watch the video below, then check out how well he cleans up after the jump.

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NSFW ‘Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’ poster

Seriously, this has to be one of my favourite movie posters of all time. I love the black and  white image, I love the sheer rawness of it. I absolutely love the sexuality.

David Fincher and his team are my heroes.

Because this is a vaguely family-friendly blog, you can check the poster out after the jump.

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Jennifer Aniston’s “sex tape” goes viral…

I love this.

Smart, shameless and really cute. Jennifer Aniston stars in a new commercial for Glaceau’s Smart Water, which pokes fun at various Internet memes and YouTube sensations in what rightly calls “SEO-baiting”.

There’s everything from dancing babies to dozens and dozens of cute puppies. Aniston even kicks a guy in the groin because it’s worth “100 000 hits”. (As a self-proclaimed click-whore, I’m intimately familiar with this type of sneaky baiting).

Anyway, it’s great fun. Watch it below. Send it to your friends. Watch it go viral. That is, after all, the point.