The Basics

I graduated with a Bachelor of Journalism from Rhodes University in South Africa in 2008.

I currently work as the entertainment editor and social media manager on one of South Africa’s most popular news websites.

Consequently I have developed a minor obsession with the lives of celebrities. I tell myself it’s okay because celebrity news is a part of my job description.

The other part of my job description involves getting to go to the cinema an average of three times a week. I love films. I’m possibly addicted to popcorn.

I also spend ALL DAY on Facebook and Twitter. And get paid for it.

My family is growing smaller at an alarmingly rapid rate.

I love food. All food. Except green peppers and beetroot. I don’t know why.

I am never not reading a novel. No, I do not have a favourite novel. That’s like asking to pick a favourite child.

I am unusually messy. There are more important things in life than tidiness. But I will also clean obsessively and randomly feel the urge to disinfect things.

I am extremely shy and tend to wall myself off from people I don’t know. I’ve been described as “intimidating”. I don’t want to be. I’m actually cute and cuddly once you get to know me. I promise.

I love playing computer games but I suffer from simulator sickness. (It’s real, look it up).

I believe in Forever.

5 thoughts on “The Basics

  1. I just began to read your blog and I find it quite entertaining and quirky. I have a desire to enter into journalism some day and I thought blogging may be a good way to get all the “brain juices” flowing. Thanks for all the entertainment ! Happy blogging πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for your kind words πŸ™‚ Definitely – blogging is a great way to start, and an awesome place to come back to for inspiration! Good luck with your journalism career!

  2. Hey Lady Stardust…

    I’m the kooky nutter creative at Natural Born Customs, I work with a group of under privileged township woman from the townships in Cape Town. We do one-off, never been done before, hand-stitched customizations…primarily on All Star Converse takkies.

    Wondered if you could send me your email address so i can send you some pictures…would love to know what you think x

  3. Hey Candace! Hmm. I don’t know where to begin. In a nutshell, I think you’re a brilliant writer. I’ve been teaching since 2008 and will do a career switch this Dec/next Jan, to either communications, PR or writing. It’s really intimidating to start over, but I’m preparing for it, as much as possible. If you’re not too busy, could you share some of the things you’re doing as a social media manager, etc..I see myself doing what you do πŸ˜‰ Anyway, are you holding 2 different jobs or just one?

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