I keep dancing on my own

So, I’ve maintained radio silence for far too long now – and it’s time to shake the dust off the blog and get my shit together. Seriously, I haven’t even written in my journal recently – largely because for the last two weeks or so I’ve either not been home very much or have been curled up around myself in a ball zoning out to old episodes of Modern Family. I didn’t say it was pretty – it’s been exhausting, for a multitude of reasons that I will have to self-censor for now. Nothing serious, don’t worry. Just, well, yes. Whatever.

So, let’s play catch-up…

After the great Tiger Tiger fail of 2012, I redeemed myself by having just one drink and dancing my ass off on a random Saturday night. It was awesome. I’d gone out with X and C to see Silver Linings Playbook (which, by the way, um, WOW) before rushing home to change into somethin’ purdy and racing to Tiger, where a drunk guy started grinding up and down me while I was at the bar and trying to stick his tongue down my throat. I was simultaneously flattered (it’s been a while – and hey, at least someone thought I was attractive) and outraged. I compensated by slipping out from behind him while he started trying to grind up against me, ass-first.

Tiger Tiger Claremont

Then, I’ve been filming reviews in the forest for work. ‘Cause we’re creative like that. I still need to make time to edit the f***ing things. But it should look pretty cool. Not much else to report, I just like the picture, really.Filming in the forest

You may recall my raving about Black Chandelier in my last post. The album is now in my collection 😀 And in my car. And on my work laptop. It does wonders for blocking out office noise. Also, it’s a pretty damn amazing album.

Biffy Clyro - Opposites

Candace vs. Kettlebell. We did some crazy, awesome new exercises with the kettlebells at gym this week. New positions = new bruises. Also, I nearly dropped a 12kg on my head. Thank god the trainer was lurking. This was the bruise in the evening after the session. I had a matching one on my left arm. They’re currently very dark blue.
Kettlebell bruise

Red. Hot. Chili. Peppers. In Cape Town. Went with my brother and one of his friends – Sean’s a MASSIVE fan. They played almost all the songs I wanted to hear, and I rocked out so hard my calves were sore the next day and my feet were blistered. Great night. Again, just one drink – donation day is (currently) on 11 February – eeek 😀 Will do a full catch-up post post-procedure.

Red Hot Chili Peppers Cape Town

If I ever write a memoir about my egg donation experiences, I think I’ll have to devote a whole chapter to “Fun with Cetrotide”. Note the mix-it-yourself-at-home kit… The first time I had to mix my own Cetrotide was during my first donation, and “fiasco” would probably be the best way to describe it. In my quest to get all the air bubbles out, I ended up spritzing a chunk of the meds across my bedroom floor, panicked and injected myself with said air bubbles (air pocket would probably be more fitting) and ended up with one heck of a bruise and worries that I’d ruined it all. However, I generally follow my first doctor’s rule of thumb: If it’s itching, it’s working. I’m getting more professional now. Though there’s always at least one effing air bubble somewhere.

Cetrotide injection

Then, this week’s musical obsession is Icona Pop’s I Love It – as seen on Girls. Love the show – even though it makes me so uncomfortable sometimes that I have to hide my head under the pillow temporarily.

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