It’s my blog and I’ll post about Jennifer Lawrence at the Oscars if I want to

So Jennifer Lawrence won the Oscars.

She also won an Oscar (for Best Actress in a Leading Role for Silver Linings Playbook – called it!) but she also won the whole damn show. And the Internet. Seriously.

The entire world has gone Jennifer Lawrence crazy – myself included. I have had a long (but very inspiring day) so I’m going to just post pretty pictures, videos and GIFs of Jennifer Lawrence. You’re welcome. (And I’m welcome too).

On the red carpet:


“Is there food here?” 


Oh my god, it’s Bradley Cooper!


At the ceremony:

Sexy. I wish I was this confident.


Her name gets called:


And then it’s everyone’s worst nightmare… Jennifer Lawrence falls at the Oscars.


But she managed to shake it off where most of us probably would have curled under our chairs and died…


At her winners’ press conference:

As she walked up onto the podium, a photographer apparently told her to watch her step…




When asked what went through her mind…


And I love this… This would be me!


In fact, her whole damn presser is worth the watch if you have a few minutes to spare. She is so cool.

At the parties:

Gets ambushed by her family:

Jack Nicholson crashes her interview (I love her “Oh my god!”)

In fact, the Oh my god is worth a GIF of its own. And with that, good night.


2013: My Oscar predictions


Right, so every year (since 2010) I have made my Oscar predictions in the major categories somewhere – my site, or here. And every year (since 2010) I have picked all six correctly. I think this year I will break my streak, however – because this year, it’s pretty much chaos. No Ben Affleck, no clear pick in the Best Supporting Actor category, no idea. Really. But, here goes nothing:

Best Picture: Argo, which has won every major award this season. Ben Affleck’s film should have this one in the bag.

Best Director: Steven Spielberg for Lincoln. Or Ang Lee for Life of Pi. But I’ll say Spielberg. Seriously, we’re all flying blind here. On paper, by now, they would have engraved Affleck’s name on the Oscar already – he and Argo have won pretty much all the major awards this year. (First prize for me would be the Academy staging a revolt and picking Affleck anyway. Alas.)

Best Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis for Lincoln. I’m betting they already have engraved his name on the trophy.

Best Actress: Jennifer Lawrence for Silver Linings Playbook. Yes, I know she’s not the Academy’s usual pick (the “usual” here would be Jessica Chastain for Zero Dark Thirty), but she has also won almost every major award this season, so she should take this. Though I’ve seen some critics suggest that Emmanuelle Riva could get it for Amour. I’m not so sure.

Best Supporting Actor: Tommy Lee Jones for Lincoln. Yeah, I got nothing. Could be him, could be Robert de Niro (Silver Linings Playbook). Look, Christoph Waltz could win for Django Unchained and I’d only be mildly surprised. It’s madness.

Best Supporting Actress: Anne Hathaway. She will win, and she will deserve it. Not just because she was fucking amazing for the twenty minutes she was on screen in Les Miserables, but because she has been pounding the campaign trail hard this year.

Right, now I prepare to watch my perfect record be smashed to smithereens…


On egg donation number five

Right, so the past week has been insane on so many levels… The Oscar Pistorius story has kinda taken up a lot of emotional and mental energy (and it didn’t help that the increased traffic tanked our site for two days). But finally I get to sit down and do a bit of a catch-up on my egg donation.

As I mentioned, this donation was different – it was at a local hospital instead of the Clinic that I’ve done the previous four at. This meant a lot of things, but mostly a new team and a slightly different way of doing things. Mostly, it meant a lot more waiting than usual. After one of my scans, where I lay in the examination room in a robe for about 10 minutes before the doctor arrived, I decided to bring my Kindle to do some reading while I waited.

But otherwise, things went smoothly – bar one hilarious (okay, not really) incident where, while trying to remove an air bubble from my Lucrin shot (read more about Lucrin here), I forced the plunger down too hard and squirted about 2 units of the precious mixture out and across my bedroom. At 9pm.

I would have loved to have seen my face.

No harm done, though – the nurse in charge of my cycle let me come in for a 2 unit top-up – though I did feel terribly, terribly guilty because I felt as though I’d put everyone out.

Anyway, then it was go time. I was scheduled to check in for 7am and the wonderful X picked me up at the crack of dawn (both of us still yawning our heads off) and dropped me off.

And for the first time, I managed to snap a pic of my snazzy hospital arm band. Look at me go:

Hospital tag

Then I was led to the day ward – oh, I wish I’d thought to take photos of it, it was such a wonderful, vintage institutional feeling place, very 1970s with the cream walls, though they did have a super cozy bedspread! – and was given a theatre gown and a robe to put on while I waited. It was very quiet – just me in the ward for the most part – and I didn’t bring anything to read, so I memorised the anaesthesia pamphlet that had been left on the bedside table instead.

Then, the anaesthetist popped by to ask me the usual questions (allergic to anything/have you had a reaction to anaesthesia before/when was your last operation/are you feeling well etc etc) and check my chest and heartrate, before I was called up to walk down the hall to where the little operating area had been set up. I was just about to go in when I met the doctor that was to perform my retrieval – not the doctor who performed my scans, oddly, but I was happy to go with it. The anaesthetist was absolutely wonderful about making me feel happy and relaxed, talking to me and teasing me a little and making sure I felt safe and comfortable. Then he warned me that “If I started feeling funny, it was just him” and I remember thinking that I felt absolutely fine – then I woke up in recovery.

I had a wonderful nurse taking care of me – though in my semi-unconscious state I managed to completely forget her name – who made sure I was well-equipped with a hot water bottle, a pot of tea and a mildly awful toasted cheese and tomato sandwich. And then the best surprise of all – my donor liaison popped round to hang out while I was recovering! In my stoned state I may have been a bit random and possibly quite annoying, but it was great chatting to her and getting a bit more of a “behind-the-scenes” look at the donation agency (who have just opened a branch in London, and it’s really interesting how differently they do things there!)

And she came bearing a gift – a charm that I am already wearing, though I will need to get a stronger chain for…

Nurture necklace

Anyway, they managed to get a pretty decent haul for my recipient – which I was quite happy with, because I was on a slightly lower protocol of the follicle stimulants than I usually am – and I should hopefully find out in the next few weeks whether or not the pregnancy was successful. Keeping fingers and toes crossed!

And so this is either my last or second-to-last donation. Either way, I’m a little sad at the thought of my journey with Nurture ending – I can’t begin to tell you how this experience has changed my life, in so many ways.

The fact that I’ve (so far) helped two women become mothers has been something that I wish I had the words for.  It’s an incredible feeling, knowing that you have changed somebody’s life – undeniably.

As always, if you’re looking to donate – or if you want to become a recipient – visit the amazing (seriously, they’re amazing) women at Nurture. And feel free to either visit my previous FAQ post or ask any questions that you may have here – I’m more than happy to help answer them to the best of my ability.

I keep dancing on my own

So, I’ve maintained radio silence for far too long now – and it’s time to shake the dust off the blog and get my shit together. Seriously, I haven’t even written in my journal recently – largely because for the last two weeks or so I’ve either not been home very much or have been curled up around myself in a ball zoning out to old episodes of Modern Family. I didn’t say it was pretty – it’s been exhausting, for a multitude of reasons that I will have to self-censor for now. Nothing serious, don’t worry. Just, well, yes. Whatever.

So, let’s play catch-up…

After the great Tiger Tiger fail of 2012, I redeemed myself by having just one drink and dancing my ass off on a random Saturday night. It was awesome. I’d gone out with X and C to see Silver Linings Playbook (which, by the way, um, WOW) before rushing home to change into somethin’ purdy and racing to Tiger, where a drunk guy started grinding up and down me while I was at the bar and trying to stick his tongue down my throat. I was simultaneously flattered (it’s been a while – and hey, at least someone thought I was attractive) and outraged. I compensated by slipping out from behind him while he started trying to grind up against me, ass-first.

Tiger Tiger Claremont

Then, I’ve been filming reviews in the forest for work. ‘Cause we’re creative like that. I still need to make time to edit the f***ing things. But it should look pretty cool. Not much else to report, I just like the picture, really.Filming in the forest

You may recall my raving about Black Chandelier in my last post. The album is now in my collection 😀 And in my car. And on my work laptop. It does wonders for blocking out office noise. Also, it’s a pretty damn amazing album.

Biffy Clyro - Opposites

Candace vs. Kettlebell. We did some crazy, awesome new exercises with the kettlebells at gym this week. New positions = new bruises. Also, I nearly dropped a 12kg on my head. Thank god the trainer was lurking. This was the bruise in the evening after the session. I had a matching one on my left arm. They’re currently very dark blue.
Kettlebell bruise

Red. Hot. Chili. Peppers. In Cape Town. Went with my brother and one of his friends – Sean’s a MASSIVE fan. They played almost all the songs I wanted to hear, and I rocked out so hard my calves were sore the next day and my feet were blistered. Great night. Again, just one drink – donation day is (currently) on 11 February – eeek 😀 Will do a full catch-up post post-procedure.

Red Hot Chili Peppers Cape Town

If I ever write a memoir about my egg donation experiences, I think I’ll have to devote a whole chapter to “Fun with Cetrotide”. Note the mix-it-yourself-at-home kit… The first time I had to mix my own Cetrotide was during my first donation, and “fiasco” would probably be the best way to describe it. In my quest to get all the air bubbles out, I ended up spritzing a chunk of the meds across my bedroom floor, panicked and injected myself with said air bubbles (air pocket would probably be more fitting) and ended up with one heck of a bruise and worries that I’d ruined it all. However, I generally follow my first doctor’s rule of thumb: If it’s itching, it’s working. I’m getting more professional now. Though there’s always at least one effing air bubble somewhere.

Cetrotide injection

Then, this week’s musical obsession is Icona Pop’s I Love It – as seen on Girls. Love the show – even though it makes me so uncomfortable sometimes that I have to hide my head under the pillow temporarily.