Brought to you from my brand new Desk

Yes, Desk. With a capital D.

In the interests of being a grown-up and things, I have been shopping around for a Desk for a few months. It’s been tough. I like a desk, it costs more than my month’s grocery bill. I go “Hey! Look, a desk I can afford!” and it’s made out of chipboard. On a whim, last night, I went into a shop (it was almost 8pm on a Friday night, I’m such a rock star) and fell almost in love. Like, I really, really liked it.

So now, I’m sitting at my new Desk with a cup of tea and an episode of QI in the background. It’s the small things.

Also, yes, I’ll be back to blogging about more interesting things than desks, soon. Like, I had my second scan today – all looks good. Also, have had another egg donation blog post brewing in the back of my mind for a few days – about the negative reactions I get (although, they’re far fewer than the positives!) – so I’ll try put that fingers to keyboard for that one, too.


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