The 30 Day Creative Writing Challenge

A conversation with J recently made me realise that I spend a lot of time saying that I don’t have time to write anymore – outside of work, of course. I’m not talking about blogging – I’m talking about my more creative outlets. I’ve signed up to an online writers’ circle and did a search for a writing challenge to get me into the habit of things. Some of them were pretty shit – or only running at certain times of the year, or paid for, or via-our-Facebook-page.

And then I found Oliver Davies’ blog, and his own list of topics – seems he had the same problem I did. So I’m poaching them, and will possibly tweak them as I go along.

The idea is to hit up a minimum of 1000 words on each topic (poetry excluded), so by the end of this I should have around 30 000 words down.

Oliver’s topics are after the jump, and I’m going to see how this will go 🙂


Day 1: A place that you love
Day 2: Facing the fear
Day 3: A genre you’ve never written in before.
Day 4: Dialogue only, please
Day 5: Inspired by your favourite song
Day 6: Second person coffee
Day 7: A day in the life of your favourite comic book character
Day 8: A place that exists only in your mind
Day 9: El Diablo
Day 10: The Interview
Day 11: A moment in history
Day 12: Your passion
Day 13: The place you grew up
Day 14: In the style of a favourite writer
Day 15: The road goes ever on
Day 16: How an event from yesterday could have gone
Day 17: The Ocean
Day 18: The taste of your favourite meal
Day 19: The day of randomness – use a random page from Wikipedia!
Day 20: A place you want to visit
Day 21: First person blind date
Day 22: Night
Day 23: Standing at the precipice
Day 24: The City
Day 25: A poem
Day 26: Something you witnessed today
Day 27: A snippet from a novel you want to write
Day 28: Second-person bank robbery
Day 29: Blue Powder
Day 30: The End

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