On stepping back

I’ve been on a week’s leave, during which I intended – as always – to do many great things, among them writing and blogging. But I realised that more than anything I needed to take a few days out and away… Something one of my friends once referred to as “intensive care for Candi”. People write about this sort of thing all the time, but every now and then it hits home: I spend all day plugged into Facebook, Twitter, work… Even things that most people do to relax (“Hey, let’s go watch a movie!”) are things that somehow manage to fall into my work spectrum.

And so, I have slept late, minimised the amounts of email I usually respond to, read books, watched old episodes of House and snuck in a few hours of Diablo III for kicks. I’ve also rearranged my cupboards, tidied the kitchen, done multiple loads of laundry and splashed out on a new duvet cover. It’s the small things.

I had intended to write a post today on The Dark Knight Rises but after news of the shooting at the cinema in Aurora, Colorado, the wind has been taken out of my sails a little. What a terrible, terrible thing.

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