Breaking radio silence

So… Best intentions and all that. A brief catch-up.

The last few days have been Mental. Yes, with a capital M. You know when your whole body just kinda collapses into itself and you can’t quite muster up the energy to do anything, and you know you should probably take it as a sign to maybe, just maybe veg out for a few days (that is when not working stupidly long hours to try play catch-up)? Yep, that.

Or playing Diablo 3. Which, by the way, kicks a whole large amount of ass. But then again, Diablo 2 ranks pretty highly on my list of favourite games, like ever, so I was always going to love it.

Also, after typing out a pretty ranty blog post that may or may not have contained some quotes from Sylvia Plath, I decided to cool my heels and not publish it. Very good decision. I’ve kept it in my drafts though. I’m not good at deleting things. My point here is: I nearly blogged. Nearly.

Mostly, the most exciting thing that has been happening is my third round of egg donation. Currently egg retrieval is scheduled for Monday morning sometime – and I do my final scan tomorrow. It’s at the weird nervy-excited stage of the process – but the team at the Clinic is beyond awesome so I know I shouldn’t be worried.

I’m currently at my least favourite part of the whole process – the three days before my retrieval, I’m generally a little crampy, very bloated and rather bruised. This time the bruising wasn’t my fault – the sister at the Clinic had to give me a rather large shot of Cetrotide (to stop me ovulating) and left me feeling super tender. Pretty much just three injections left – one more shot of Gonal F (the follicle stimulating drug) and two shots of Lucrin, the trigger drug. And then we’re A-for-Away.

This is a slightly shorter catch-up than initially intended – I’m entirely knackered. I’ve been struggling with crazy insomnia since about Tuesday last week – largely of the staring-up-at-the-ceiling-for-a-few-hours-falling-asleep-waking-up-at-the-crack-of-dawn variety. And then last night, I managed to fall asleep relatively early (around 10pm). Then had a pretty insane dream about The Geologist, of all people, which woke me up in a cold sweat at 3am and rendered me unable to sleep for some time after that.

Unresolved issues? Me? Never.

2 thoughts on “Breaking radio silence

  1. Mind if I follow your blog? I’m also doing egg donation… Though I’m just starting out and wating to get picked…

    • Hi there enhancedmama – of course, and it’s so awesome to hear from another donor… It’s such an amazing, life-changing process!

      I’ve actually got a post coming about my third round, should be up this weekend 🙂

      I’ve hit “Follow” for your blog already – can’t wait to hear about your journey.

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