Bad Blogger. Bad.

So I had this whole awesome plan figured out. I was going to set aside three days a week to blog. And no matter what it I blogged, there would be a regular post.

You know me by now, it takes me a while to get things going. Part of it is that I don’t feel comfortable blogging at work. Even though I could technically blog during my lunch break a) I don’t really take a lunch break and b) I’m not a big fan really of having people being able to lurk over my shoulder and see what I’m doing.


So that leaves blogging from home, but I’ve been so knackered lately that I’ve barely been able to cook dinner in the evenings, never mind string together any coherent thoughts. Add to that my poor laptop, which is so far on its way out that if somebody gtalks me my whole laptop has an existential crisis for a few minutes before remembering how to open windows and switch tabs and things. So trying to do anything vaguely hardcore like blog, browse flickr or watch YouTube videos kinda tanks things.

But, if the Budget Gods are good, I should have a new one at the end of May/early June. I’ll be sad to let Jean-Pierre go (So what, he has a name. He also had a gay lover in university, his name was Giovanni. It’s a long story involving LAN cables, a philosophy essay and far too little sleep) but perhaps I should donate him to charity. After all, he’s not totally written off.

I wonder what my dad would have thought of that, seeing as he sacrificed so much to give me this one.

I miss him.

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