Day Twenty-Five (Booyah!) – #30DayBlogChallenge

Day 25 – Something that you miss.

I’m not going to have just one “something”. I was planning to do a long post with photographs and everything, but most of those pictures are on my old harddrive and some surgery is required to rescue them off there.

In no particular order…

I miss my dad. Every day. I wish more than anything that I could have just one more day to spend with him. I’d have so many questions for him that I never thought to ask, and I want so desperately for him to be “caught up” on my life and offer his advice and thoughts. Even some teasing would do. I’m not sure I would be able to say goodbye, at the end of the day.

I miss my dog, Misty. She loved my father so much, and she only managed to live a few months after he died. She was only 10 years old. She died of a broken heart, I think. I miss being able to bury my fingers in her fur. I miss taking her for long walks on the stretch of dirt road that ran alongside the fence in Jwaneng.

Then… I miss dancing on tables at the Union in Grahamstown, miss nights packed on a small dance floor at Friar’s, crappy vodka and R2 glasses of box wine. I miss Mr Brightside and L and long hours spent drinking bad coffee and solving the world’s problems in her res room. I miss being told off for talking through my windows, miss pre-drinks and 100s club, watching rugby games in the bitter cold, puddle-jumping and BP runs and Friends marathons. I miss being young, silly. I grew up to quickly, somewhere.

I miss my Dinky car, I miss my Gran, I miss him, I miss the feeling that I could achieve whatever I wanted. I miss having a real family, I miss not having to be the pillar in the middle, I miss being able to write volumes of bad poetry and not care.

I miss the person I used to be. I’m just getting to know this new girl. I haven’t quite decided if I like her or not.

* And now we’re caught up. 

Day Twenty-Four (Oh, all right) – #30DayBlogChallenge

Day Twenty-Four: What’s in your purse?

By “purse” here I’m going to start with the way we use the word here in South Africa – and then move on to my handbag – and then we have all our bases covered.



It's brown, and my brother bought it for my birthday last year.

In that one is my bank card, my credit card (which I loathe), an old bank card (which I keep meaning to get rid of but always forget), my medical aid card, driver’s license, blood donor ID card, various points-based store cards (I don’t believe in clothing accounts and things), a R20 note, some spare coins, till slips and a Korean coin, gifted to me by L.


My handbag. I bought it for myself. It cost more than I'd planned to spend and I felt guilty for ages. I love it.

In my handbag I have my purse (see above), my make-up bag, a notebook, a pen, my poor tangled earphones, my 3D glasses (I always carry a pair. I watch a lot of movies, these guys come in really handy). There’s also a bottle of headache pills, some anti-nausea pills, lip-balm and my external harddrive. It goes (mostly) everywhere with me.

Day 23 (sigh) – #30DayBlogChallenge

Day 23 – 20 Facts about you

In no particular order… And no real relevance…

1. I hate green peppers. A lot.

2. I wrote a novel called The Goblin Tree when I was 11. I gave a copy to my grandmother. When she died, I couldn’t find it anywhere among her belongings.

3. I was always near the top of my class at school.

4. My phone is almost always on silent. I hate the ringing and message tones.

5. There are probably only a handful of hours a day when I am not on Facebook. I tell myself it’s okay, because it’s in my job description.

6. I love cheese. And wine. And chocolate.

7. I love playing fantasy RPG computer games.

8. I also suffer from “simulator sickness” – motion sickness from playing said computer games.

9. I’m terribly untidy. But will also get random urges to clean everything.

10. I love watching Disney films. They almost never fail to cheer me up.

11. I have struggled with major depression, and have a feeling I will continue to struggle with it in the future.

12. I have two distinct “personas” – one for my work and another for myself. It helps to keep me sane.

13. When times get tough, I throw myself into my work. It’s safe there. I can keep in control.

14. When I get stressed, I go on long drives around Cape Town. The motion helps to calm me and the “quiet time” helps me to think.

15. I’m a sucker for cute, fluffy things. One of my work colleagues knows this and he often sends me something cute and fluffy, usually with the word “Squee” contained in the subject line. I will always smile.

16. I still have my favourite fluffy toys from when I was younger.

17. I hate being photographed, filmed or hearing my own voice. I’m always embarrassed by what I see/hear. I would not object if somebody Photoshopped me to within an inch of my life, so long as I looked hot.

18. I have extreme self-esteem issues.

19. I love reading, writing and creating. I love the escapism. I dream of writing and publishing a novel.

20. I prefer winter over summer.

Day Twenty-Two (almost) – #30DayBlogChallenge

Day 22 – Bullet your whole day.

Oh, yesterday was a SUPERB day to bullet. Times are as accurate as I can remember.

5.15am: Alarm goes off. Hit cellphone, kill alarm.

5.40am: Actually wake up, panic.

5.45am: Fumble with door, drop keys, manage to leave for work

6am: Arrive at work.

6.05am: Start work. Upload BAFTA Awards results, a number of Whitney Houston stories, Grammy Awards news

7.15am: Leave for Hyundai Diepriver to drop my car off for its service.

7.40am: Arrive, wait for five minutes while the moron in front of me takes forever to check her car in, check my car in.

8am: Climb into shuttle for lift back to work. Take stock of 1x Crazy Cat Lady, 1x Car-Sick Woman, 1x Elderly Professor, 1x Random Mechanic, 1x Driver and 1x Stressed Professional.

8.10am – 9.45am: Shuttle  from Hyundai to petrol station (miles away from Hyundai) to Fairways to Wynberg to Wynberg Park to Claremont Hospital to Parklands to Woodstock. Listened to Crazy Cat Lady moan about traffic, detours, the route we were taking, theft in her area, the driver, the station we were listening to… Waited for Car-Sick Woman to throw up on me. She kept demanding windows be opened.

9.45am to 4pm: Work. Consisted of news-grammys-gallery-baftas-ah-social-media-crap-travel-damnit-ad-sales-no-i’m-too-busy-to-meet-celeb-news-rewrites-screech-at-intern-drink-coffee-more-coffee-moar-coffee-tea-water-damnit-videos-crap-spelling-error-argh-go-away-random-gtalk-people-i’m-busy-crap-okay-fine-let’s-go

4pm to 4.45pm: Trip back to Diepriver with three of my colleagues. Tried not to fall asleep.

4.45-5pm: Collect car. Marvel at Service Plan magic. Listen to the stuff they need to fix but is thankfully still under warranty.

5pm to 5.30pm: Trip home in awesome clean and smooth-running car.

5.30pm to 6.30pm: Searched for new belt for brother. Decided pizza was in order for dinner.

6.30pm: Why is there still traffic?! It’s 6.30pm!!!

7pm: Mmm…. pizza.

7.40pm: Home.101 Dalmations.Paint nails.

8pm: Check email randomly. Have major meltdown at amount of work expected from me.

9pm: A hot bath. So hot it would boil lobsters.

9.45pm: Watch random Grammy YouTube videos with brother.

10.30pm: Small cry at the futility of my existence, bed.

Day (Not really) Twenty – #30DayBlogChallenge

Day twenty – The meaning behind your blog name.

But first, I’m quite impressed with myself. Only took twenty days to break the post-a-day thing. I went to the Observatory here in Cape Town last night with two of my friends – honestly, one of the most awesomely fun things I’ve done in ages – and spent the whole of yesterday playing Skyrim (At last!! At long last!!) And it completely slipped my mind. Then this morning when I was meant to post, I woke up to the news that Whitney Houston had died – and so I spent most of my day working on tributes, features, galleries and keeping up with all of the news that was pouring in. So very tragic. Although, as my manager said, these celebrities really do keep dying over weekends. Enough already.

So, the meaning behind my blog name? Well, it’s two-fold. Firstly, I wanted something celebrity-related. I had visions of making this blog mainly celebrity-oriented (hey, I was relatively bright and shiny in those days) and I wanted something to do with stars. Stardust is one of my favourite movies, for some weird reason, and so it worked. And in the URL “Africa” because a) stardust.wordpress was already taken and b) I live in Africa.

So now you know. Stay tuned for Day (Really) Twenty-One.