Number Thirty – #30DayBlogChallenge

Number 30: A photograph of yourself today, plus three good things that have happened in the last 30 days.

Well… You didn’t ask for a NORMAL photo. I was in a silly mood and playing with bunny ears so I snapped a few shots in my brother’s mirror (he’s got the only remaining full-length mirror in the house. My one broke).

Bunny ears
Not quite your usual Playboy bunny pyjama shot…

And then three good things… They’re not necessarily going to be amazing things, not in any sense of the word. But they made me happy, and that’s all you need.

1) Signed up for a social media for business course being run by one of the agencies here. It’s six weeks and my company is covering the cost. Yay!

2) Dinners with friends… Happened a few times, but “friends” in my life are good things, consistently. Deal with it.

3) And got news that somebody surprisingly  close to my heart was pregnant.

And so ends the 30 Day Blog Challenge (Hey! I made it!) What have I learned from all of this? 

a) I’m not geared for blogging to a pre-set list of topics each day. It’s not my style

b) Stuff can go unintentionally viral unintentionally quickly

c) has some amazing, amazing photographers. Yes, you can pretty much find anything on there.

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