Day Twenty-Four (Oh, all right) – #30DayBlogChallenge

Day Twenty-Four: What’s in your purse?

By “purse” here I’m going to start with the way we use the word here in South Africa – and then move on to my handbag – and then we have all our bases covered.



It's brown, and my brother bought it for my birthday last year.

In that one is my bank card, my credit card (which I loathe), an old bank card (which I keep meaning to get rid of but always forget), my medical aid card, driver’s license, blood donor ID card, various points-based store cards (I don’t believe in clothing accounts and things), a R20 note, some spare coins, till slips and a Korean coin, gifted to me by L.


My handbag. I bought it for myself. It cost more than I'd planned to spend and I felt guilty for ages. I love it.

In my handbag I have my purse (see above), my make-up bag, a notebook, a pen, my poor tangled earphones, my 3D glasses (I always carry a pair. I watch a lot of movies, these guys come in really handy). There’s also a bottle of headache pills, some anti-nausea pills, lip-balm and my external harddrive. It goes (mostly) everywhere with me.

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