Day Fifteen – #30DayBlogChallenge

Day 15 – Something you don’t leave the house without.

I never leave home without my phone, if I can help it. It’s a legacy of my dad’s-in-the-hospital days. I even leave it on my bed while I’m sleeping, terrified that I’m going to miss something. I got out of the habit while I was dating The Geologist – I quite often didn’t have my phone on me, and it used to stay in my handbag or on his bedside table at night – but I seem to have picked it up again.

It’s weird, I get almost panicky when I leave my phone at home – and I’ll compulsively check for the damn thing at least fifty times an hour while I’m out.

I also never leave the house without my purse (which also includes my drivers license and all my cards).

In fact, I have a giant handbag that usually includes deodorant, earphones, a pen, a notebook, sunglasses, my glasses case, headache pills and a small make-up bag (you saw the contents in an earlier post).

Hey, at least I’m kinda prepared.

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