Reaction to the 2012 Oscar nominations

Okay, so I feel a little like the “Leave Britney alone kid” but still…

No Best Animated Feature Nomination for The Adventures of Tintin?! Are you serious?!

Right, now that’s out of my system… (Okay, it really isn’t)

The 2012 Academy Awards nominations (you can see the full list here) were announced yesterday, but when I got home I discovered that my telephone line was broken and I couldn’t access the internet. (That’s my excuse for being slow on the uptake).

So, Hugo managed to rake in 11 nominations – including Best Picture and Best Director for Martin Scorsese. I would love to tell you that I had seen the film and could provide an educated opinion, but my press screening was cancelled at the very, very last minute (as in, while I was standing at the cinema).

Anyway… Here are my thoughts, scribbled down as I go down the list of nominees.

Best Picture

I’m still backing The Artist. But Hugo is making me doubt myself. Will wait for DGA and WGA Awards first though. Also, I loved The Help but I didn’t think it would be Best Picture material. Best Actresses, heck yes. I would have liked to see a nod for Drive.

Best Actor

Quite stoked with the Gary Oldman nomination for Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. Shame (see what I did there?) about the lack of Michael Fassbender though. He does pretty up the red carpet. It’s hands-down Jean Dujardin vs. George Clooney… Still think Jean will take this one.

Best Actress

They couldn’t have picked a better group of women if they had tried. Very pleased with Rooney Mara’s nomination for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. She was outstanding. Still reckon Meryl Streep will nab it.

Best Supporting Actor and Actress

Um, Jonah Hill? Whaaaat? To be fair, I haven’t actually seen Moneyball yet, but he didn’t look any different from the trailer. Shall we start engraving Christopher Plummer’s name on the Best Supporting Actor trophy already? Also, glad to see a nomination for Melissa McCarthy for Bridesmaids. I’d love to see Octavia Spencer get the award, she was delicious in The Help.

Best Director

Pretty predictable fare here. Truly thought the Academy had forgotten all about Tree of Life, though.

Best Animated Feature

Okay, Puss in Boots over The Adventures of Tintin? Did Puss buy votes? (Or, in keeping with the theme of the film… Steal them?) It was good, not great. Although I do understand that the Americans didn’t get Tintin at all, I thought that the motion capture animation was beyond outstanding. Fine – I’ll move on to backing my second-favourite animated film of the year, Rango.

Miscellaneous thoughts

Yay for the nod for The Muppets song Man or Muppet. It is such a great moment in the film. Also encouraging to see a Best Original Screenplay nod for Bridesmaids – seems comedy may be growing on the Academy after all.

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