Day Three – #30DayBlogChallenge

Day Three: Your favourite store. View the rest of the topics here.

This is quite a funny one, because although I’ve been wracking my brain for most of the day I don’t actually seem to have a favourite store.

I love bookshops, as a general rule. I prefer Exclusive Books, even though they’re often more expensive. I just love the way their floors are laid out.

I frequent Mr Price, Edgars and the Pick ‘n Pay clothing stores – largely because of their cost. I love Woolworths’ clothing and accessories – I would buy from there all the time if I could.  Alas, I can’t. If money was no object, I would buy all of my clothes from The Space. I love their dresses. Following hot on their heels would be Vertigo.

Generally I prefer flea markets and craft markets to shops and malls. I love being able to browse without a snooty shop assistant staring down their nose at me.

I love coffee shops. I love the smell. I also love coffee, which doesn’t hurt.

I also love those massive warehouse shops like Makro and Game… When they’re not too crowded. I love that you can find pretty much anything you can think of there.

I will also, almost without fail, stop at the windows of jewellery stores. I will stand just outside, staring through the glass, and never go in.

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