Day One – #30DayBlogChallenge

Day One: A photo of yourself and a description of how your day was. Check out the full list of topics I’ll be covering here.


As the sub-header may have given away, the odd-looking girl on your left would be me. More specifically, me at 1.30am. I took my glasses off because they kept catching the light, and I had to do one of those awkward in-the-mirror shots. Oh, and my camera’s broken and I only have my little Nokia C5. Right, now that’s out the way…

A description of my day. Well, my day was pretty bloody average. Thank’s for asking. I had great intentions to wake up early and sort my day out. Instead I overslept, took too long in the shower, managed to mess up my make-up and nearly forgot my phone at home. I got to work 20 minutes late (don’t worry, I worked two hours late to make up for it).

Then got to work to news that Heidi Klum and Seal had confirmed their break-up (Hooray! Nice site stats for me, I thought… Surprisingly, my readers weren’t that interested.) Then my usual fare… News updates, rewrites for syndication, social media stuff and helping out on our sales team’s site. I’m helping to update the rate cards – and it’s just been one minor delay after the next that’s prevented me from actually starting. Until today, when the office had emptied out at last and I had a chance to start work on it. Now that I’ve figured it out, tomorrow’s mission will be to make decent headway.

Got home, was in a furiously bad mood for a multitude of reasons, took my brother out for a burger, came home, flopped into bed, did some work, decided I’m going to be a real-life blogger again.

It doesn’t help that I can’t shake the feeling of being the world’s biggest failure at this point in my life.

Yep, my day was crap. I’ve promised myself tomorrow will be better.

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