Happy Freaking New Year!

FireworksSo it’s 2012 at last… Thank all the bloody deities my atheist mind can conjure up. (And that’s a lot, actually). 2011 was an absolute bitch of a year on the personal front, and I’m quite exhausted. I’m not expecting January 1 to magically fix everything – on the contrary, it already looks like it can get so much worse – but I’m hoping it will improve from this moment, which sees me very hungover, in bed, with my laptop on my stomach.

But now, to the reason for this post. I never make New Year’s resolutions. Never have. I have always thought they were silly and unnecessary. But I have been in dire need of a change – and so I’m making some New Life resolutions. Bear with me, for they’re not very exciting, but I need somewhere to write them down. [Edited to include some smaller ones]:

  • To take more leave during the year. I currently have 23 days owed to me. I only really take leave once a year. It’s surprisingly unhealthy. Especially ’cause most of my days are 12-hours long.
  • To blog more. I’ve thought about starting a different blog altogether – but the point is I need to write more.
  • To start trying to curb my anxiety and stress. Seriously, I’m one of the most paranoid people that I know. And I’m a hypochondriac. Whether this involves getting professional help (I hope it doesn’t, psychologists are expensive!) or just trying to work through it myself is yet to be decided.
  • To start saving a little money, every month. Rent is expensive, car repayments are expensive, life insurance, health insurance, internet and phone bills are all expensive… But I need to get into the habit of having a “safety net”.
  • Drink only in moderation. So many mornings I’ve woken up this year, positively kicking myself and drowning in self-loathing. I’ve made some awful decisions. The answer here is – enough. No more.
  • To learn to Take More Pride in My Appearance. I say it all in capitals, but really, isn’t it one of those phrases that sounds like it’s being spoken by an adult or an authority figure?
  • And finally, to take it a little easier on myself. Seriously, I’m way hyper-critical.

Happy 2012, everybody. May it be marginally less shit than that fuckup of a year that was 2011.

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