Day Nine – #30DayBlogChallenge

Day Nine: A photo of the last item you purchased.

I assume that this doesn’t include groceries or petrol. It would be slightly difficult to take photographs of both, seeing as I’ve eaten my dinner already. This is the last “item” that I bought:

A R50 pair of sunglasses from Mr Price.


I've always wanted a pair of aviator-esque glasses....

I was on my way to T’s on Sunday when I realised two things. Firstly, that it was insanely hot and I didn’t have any sunscreen, and secondly, that I probably needed a new pair of sunglasses. So while I was at the mall buying stuff to send to my mom, I popped into Mr Price on a whim to check if there was anything I liked in the sunglasses deposit. There was, and I bought them, and now they are my rock star/poppie/porn star sunglasses, depending on who you ask.

I like them. I feel like an export from the seventies.


Day Seven – #30DayBlogChallenge

Day Seven: Your dream wedding.

Funny story… If you asked me this question about 18 months ago, I’d have said “Oh, I don’t want to get married. I don’t see the point.” And then I started dating a wonderful man who made me see why people did want to get married. Okay, so we did break up. But that’s not what I’m getting at.

I definitely don’t want a huge white wedding with five hundred guests and no time to enjoy my new husband/my dear friends/the food because I’m so busy making sure that a work colleague’s younger sister is having a good time or listening to aunty Jane’s new boyfriend’s dirty jokes. Nope, none of that is for me.

My “dream wedding” involves being really small… No more than, say, twenty of our closest friends. I want a secular ceremony but still, selfishly, want to wear a wedding dress. (I’d like to wear an ivory one like my mom did. I think I’m way past qualifying for a white gown). I want no bridesmaids, no “maid of honour”, no politics… I know that my closest friends will bend over backwards to help me out, so why do they need schmancy titles? I want a pretty, quiet venue with good food – and then we can all just hang out and party together afterwards.

No mess, no fuss – and hopefully a night that will be much more relaxing than having two hundred guests waiting for you to take your photographs for three hours after the wedding. (That’s another thing. My photographer will know that there will only be a very brief photo session. In fact, I’d probably just pay one of my stupidly talented friends to take the photos for me – they’d have a better sense of me and my future husband anyway).

All of this is moot, of course, because I’m ridiculously single at the moment… And will probably end up alone, the old Crazy Hedgehog lady anyway.

Racing to Oscar – Part 2

Since my last prediction, we’ve had the release of this year’s Oscar nominees… Which put a slight dent in my “The Adventures of Tintin for best animated feature” theory. We’ve also had the Directors Guild of America Awards… And fun fact: In the last decade, every single person to win the DGA Award for feature films goes on to win the best director Oscar. And since 1948, only six DGA Award winners have failed to nab the best director prize.

I think that the DGA Awards have put the final nail in the coffin for Scorsese’s Hugo (Which I’ll only get to see this coming Friday, unfortunately) and have largely cleared the path for The Artist. The Screen Actors Guild Awards are tonight, and that should give us a slightly clearer picture of who should win in the acting categories.

My predictions have largely stayed the same since the nominees were announced… But we’ll see.

Week 2 – 29 January

Best Picture: The Artist
Best Actor: Jean Dujardin – The Artist
Best Actress: Meryl Streep – The Iron Lady 
Best Supporting Actor: Christopher Plummer – Beginners
Best Supporting Actress: Octavia Spencer – The Help (No way in hell Melissa McCarthy will get this, I’m afraid.)
Best Director: Michel Hazanavicius – The Artist (DGA Award won’t hurt)
Best Animated Feature: Rango (If Puss or Kung Fu Panda wins this, I swear…)

Day Six: #30DayBlogChallenge

Day six: A photo of an animal you’d love to keep as a pet.

I love hedgehogs. Seriously, I’m mildly obsessed with them. Them and penguins – though I think penguins would be slightly trickier to raise at home.

It’s actually a running joke. I’m going to die alone, the Crazy Hedgehog Lady surrounded by sixty of my spiky little friends. There’s totally a niche in the market for the Crazy Hedgehog Lady. Crazy Cat Lady has been done to death already.

Anyway, here is a photo I found on of one of the cutest hedgehogs I think I’ve ever seen. Meet Shinji the Hedgehog…


Shinji the Hedgehog. Want. Photo by Narisa from

Day Four – #30DayBlogChallenge

Day Four: Your favourite photograph of your best friend. Click here for the rest of the topics I’ll be covering.

I must admit, yesterday’s and today’s topics were the two I was looking forward to the least. Much with yesterday, I don’t believe in one “best friend”. I have loads of different, very dear friends that I love with all of my heart. I would share pictures, but I’ve not asked for permission (can you tell I work in the media?) and it’s late and I’m tired. So, a rundown.

There’s my best friend from high school, N. We bonded over being the two weirdest girls in our grade, dated two best friends and still keep in contact pretty regularly. We spam each other with over-emotional Facebook messages and still discuss everything from break-ups to new relationships and work stuff.

Then there’s X. We’ve grown super close over the past year and bonded over judgey emails and catty Gtalk convos. And lots and lots of wine. She’s ridiculously accepting of all of my stupidity and is the person I usually have my freakouts to. She’s remarkably patient with me.

Best guy friend person (and actually, famously, the “male version of me” at one stage) is T. He’s sweetly protective of me (I’m sorry, future husband, but you’ll have to pass the T-test first) and quite possibly my biggest cheerleader in the world.We met in the queue at registration at varsity, then again at a random computer workshop. Fate decreed that we would be friends.

Then, L. She’s been there for me through absolutely everything in the world and I have no idea what I’d have done without her in the past. She’s the kind of person that will drop everything and drive halfway across the country to come to your dad’s funeral. True story.

Best person in the world is my baby brother S. We live together and are a great team. Nobody gets us, and that’s okay.

I know you were expecting a photo, so here’s a photo of my lifelong best friend. He grew up with me, he went to high school and varsity with me and he helped look after my dad while he was in the hospital. His name is Gund, and we met when we were six months old.


My dear Gund.

Isn't he handsome?