Early covers of famous magazines

Poached from Hurricane Vanessa‘s blog. She says that she poached it from flavorwire.com (I can’t check, the servers seem to be down!). Additional research by me. Which means I got deliciously lost in Google and found a whole lot of cool new ideas instead of working, which I should have been doing.

I love these sorts of things – I love looking at the design and seeing the snapshot of the time that was. One of the life goals (there are many) is to work in magazine publishing one day. In my opinion, there are few things as amazing as the feel of a brand-new glossy mag.

Could it be…?

I’ve been assured that the road to blogging success lies in setting aside a part of your day/week to post something. Fine. I shall try to break my day into even smaller chunks.

Working two portfolios is extremely time-consuming, as I’ve noticed. Aside from my daily entertainment duties (which now includes a hefty chunk of rewrites), I’m also running eight separate social media accounts and still trying to manage the rest of the editorial team’s accounts. It’s great fun, extremely challenging and obviously I’ve slipped and fallen a few times. But the point is that all I’m doing at the moment is working myself to a standstill, and not setting any time aside for myself and my passions. (And yes, for the thousandth time, as much as I love movies – driving out to Cavendish and sitting through a crappy movie is definitely under the umbrella of “work”).

If you’ve seen my desk lately (and to be quite honest, I hope there are only a few of you who have), you’ll notice that it is now covered in an array of little yellow Post-Its. I resent the Microsoft Outlook pop-up reminders, and so the cheerful little sticky notes serve as my “oh-yeah-shit-forgot-about-that-and-that-and-that-and-that”.

The Post-Its are one of my new Coping Strategies. And yes, Coping Strategies is meant to be capitalised. It has been a bloody tough year and I’m pretty glad to be seeing the back of it (even though I know wishing away time is never a good thing). Even though I have done some amazing things, I’ve also been to hell and back… A few times.

But I feel like I may be able to get up again. In the spirit of spring cleaning, I’ve redone the blog template. You may love it, you may loathe it. I may change it in three days anyway.

Let’s give this blogging thing a proper go again, shall we?

* And woah. Over 10 500 all-time views?! You mean you guys actually read this? Much love. And a lot more pressure.