A quick catch-up

I have been feeling increasingly guilty of late about my lack of regular blogging. The lovely gesiggietjie has started her very own blog which, good friend that I am, I subscribe to. Except over the last 36 hours she has blogged more than I do in a month – so hopefully she’s going to keep at it and keep me on my toes!

The reasons for my absence have, of course and as usual, been many and varied. Shortly after my last post my mother arrived in Cape Town to spend a week here around her 50th birthday. I took leave for a few days and became a total tourist – which is something I highly recommend, no matter what city you live in.

And then as soon as I got back, my promotion to Social Media Editor for work kicked in, which I’ll be handling alongside my Entertainment duties. Yes, yes. I’m an overachiever. Now tell me something I didn’t know! It basically means I’ll be handling the Social Media strategy for the company, getting us up to speed and helping us stay at the top of the game. I’m sure I’ve bitten off more than I can chew for the moment but I really don’t mind the 15-hour days just yet.

Work is, of course, the best distraction. I’ve had a lot of particularly heavy-duty personal bullshit that has been getting in the way. As you know, I like to remain relatively reticent about my issues – perhaps one day I shall join the masses of totally anonymous bloggers and spill my deepest and darkest. I do, however, doubt that I will.

So that is my reaffirmation.

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