First look: Lily Collins as Snow White

Right, so the American press (I’m looking at you in particular, E! Online) are making a major deal of the fact that there are two Snow White adaptations in the works – one starring Kristen Stewart as the titular damsel-in-a-coma and the second starring Lily Collins (daughter of Phil, and of Blind Side fame).

Here’s the first promo image of Lily looking like a porcelain doll in one of the most fascinating dresses in recent memory. She’s teaming up with Julia Roberts for the film, who will be playing the Queen in the as-yet-untitled film from Relativity.

Lily Collins as Snow White

Lily Collins as Snow White (From Entertainment Weekly)

Kristen Stewart, meanwhile, has been spotted horse-riding in preparation for her role in Snow White and the Huntsman – a slightly revamped version of the tale, which is yet to start filming.

We can look forward now to months and months of Kristen vs. Lily articles.

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