Deja vu… Michael Bay reuses old footage for ‘Transformers’

Well, this certainly lends some credibility to the theory that when you’ve seen one Michael Bay movie, you’ve seen them all.

An eagle-eyed Bay fan spotted identical scenes from the director’s 2005 film The Island in the latest instalment of the Transformers franchise, Dark of the Moon.

Watch the video below to see the scenes’ similarity.

According to website IGN, the shot from The Island was inserted after an accident during that particular chase scene. During the stunt sequence a tow-cable snapped, hitting film extra Gabriella Cedillo and resulting in a serious head injury. The accident left Cedillo paralysed. According to The Guardian, it has been reported that Cedillo and her family are suing the Transformers producers over the incident.

This is not the first time that Bay has been accused of borrowing footage from his earlier films. In the first Transformers movie, Bay poached footage of an aircraft carrier from his 2001 World War II drama, Pearl Harbour.

Recycled shots aside, what did I think of Dark of the Moon? Read the review on here!

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