A new addition to the “Why are they famous?” club

So I have quite a few people on my “Erm, why are they so famous again?” list*. You can see the original list (with original snarky comments!) on iafrica.com, if you like. But here are my favourites:

It started off with Paris Hilton (she’s famous for going to parties and releasing a sex tape), Kim Kardashian (supposed to be famous for Keeping Up With the Kardashians, actually famous for a sex tape), local girl Khanyi Mbau (in the Paris Hilton model, has she released a sex tape? I’m sure she’s made one), “Speidi” (originally on The Hills, when their fame waned they claimed there was a sex tape), Kendra Wilkinson (was a former Hugh Hefner girlfriend), Jordan (big boobs) and Mike “The Situation” (nice abs).

Sure, most of them have their own reality shows etc etc, but there’s a new addition. A spectacular new addition. Courtesy, this time, of the British Royal Family. And what, might you ask, is this new addition famous for?

Find out after the jump…

Pippa Middleton

"Her Royal Hotness" - known to her family, I hope, as Pippa Middleton

It’s none other than “Her Royal Hotness” (*mini-gag*) Pippa Middleton.

Famous for… well, being the Duchess of Cambridge’s sister. Sort of. I mean, that would make her sort of famous. Maybe “well-known” in certain circles. And there’d be the “Oh, right, her” in a few others. The rest of the population wouldn’t have even known she existed, really. So, no, she’s not famous for being Catherine’s sister.

She is famous for looking super-hot at her sister’s wedding.

Wikipedia reckons that she’s “an English party planner” and “socialite”. The Wiki entry also mentions Pippa’s “white figure-hugging dress” and the fact that she was voted the “Number One Society Singleton” by Tatler. Which, you know, is good for her. She also graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a degree in English literature, which is a lot less impressive, apparently, than looking amazing in a hot dress.

I’m not complaining, mind you. There is a massive, massive interest in Pippa – who was dubbed this year’s “It Girl” after being the maid of honour at Kate’s wedding to Prince William – which makes my job so much easier. It’s a no-brainer, putting up an article about Pippa breaking up with her boyfriend.

What, you didn’t hear?

Yup, Pippa is now apparently back on the market. She “called time” (I love that phrase, I use it at least once a day!) on her relationship with English cricketer Alex Loudon after her new-found fame put some strain on their relationship. (You can read the full story here, of course.)

Somehow, though, I don’t see her complaining too loudly.

But I guess it’s better than her new cousin-in-law, who has garnered worldwide fame for nothing more than wearing a series of really, really stupid hats.

*Personally, I have a bit more time for people who are famous for being wildly successful and skilled in their chosen careers, be it acting, modelling, writing or singing. I’m as yet undecided as to whether reality television counts as a skill. I suspect not. Marketing and self-promotion, in the school of Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, however, is. I think.

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