Britney & Rihanna team up on ‘S&M’

So Rihanna and Britney Spears had the Twitterverse in an absolute frenzy after tweeting that they were collaborating on a track.

Rihanna first tweeted: “I got a #SEXY collabo comin your way supa dupa soon!!!! OH YEAH!!! By popular demand… Its BRITNEY BITCH!!!!”

Britney responded with, “You’re such a tease! I like it, like it… You think they’re ready Ri Ri?”

The pair teamed up on a remix of Rihanna’s S&M. Listen to it below, and I’ll have my five cents after the jump…

First of all (and no judging) – S&M is currently one of my favourite tracks. I love the beat, find the lyrics hysterical and in general just like the raunchiness of it all. And despite the fact that Britney sounds like she has a terrible, terrible cold (I can’t think of another track of hers where her “m’s” turn to “b’s”, can you?) it’s actually a pretty hot track. Britney does sound like she’s struggling to keep up, but she also sounds like she’s having an absolute blast – and that’s the main thing. Britney and Rihanna are two of the sexiest acts out there at the moment – RiRi with her super-raunchy new persona (you’ve all seen the video for S&M, right?) and Britney harking back to her Slave 4 U days in her new video for Till the World Ends.

What do you think? Hot track? Or not? I’ll happily add this to my playlist.



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