Want your very own Miley Cyrus sex doll?

Well, I wouldn’t. But then I’m not sure I have the required appendages to do more than cuddle with the inflatable Miss Miley.

So, she only turned 18 in November and some enterprising creep has already released a blow-up sex doll in Miley Cyrus’ image. The doll is apparently dressed up in a Western-inspired outfit, much like her Hannah Montana threads… And the doll features “three achey love holes” for you to… erm… enjoy?

The packaging, which features a girl with breasts about the size of the real Miley’s head, reads “She’s had years of practice speaking into the mic, and now she’s ready for yours. Just add air and this teen-queen pole-dancing princess comes of age right before your own eyes. Daddy’s little stoner is ready for you to bone her!”

Ah. Who could resist.

Unsurprisingly, Miley’s said she is “disgusted” by the sex doll and is planning to sue.

The packaging after the jump…

Finally Miley

The packaging for the "Finally Miley" sex doll.

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