Indulge me…

So it’s been one of those weeks… for a number of reasons. I’ve started writing awful poetry again, which I won’t expose you to if you’re not interested. If  you’re not, I leave you with my current favourite song. She’s beautiful in every way possible.

You can read said awful poetry after the jump, if you like.

the city sprawls out, sparkles in
through the window, while your arms
are Around me, and i’m leaning
far too heavily against you…
(maybe i should have had
one more drink, maybe then
i would be less Nervous)
and we cross to the couch,
make a show of arranging
blankets, pillows, throws
and i know where this will go
but Do i truly want it this way?
we’re lying together now, my
heart is fluttering in my chest
until it feels as though it might
take flight…
is this Real?
as you lean in and our lips
are millimetres apart, Electricity
across my skin as i close
the distance
– and it would always be me –
i wonder if i’ll regret this
until our lips touch and three
years’ worth of desire Washes
over me as i seal my salvation
with a kiss.

There’s better spacing in the original. Can’t reproduce it here.

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