I might just Hold It Against You, Britney…

Seeing as my last post caused a bit of a stir, how about something light and fluffy?

And it doesn’t get any lighter and fluffier than Ms Britney Spears’ new music video for her single Hold It Against Me. Watch the video below, then I’ll put in my five cents after the jump…

Okay, first thought – what was with all the product placement? Seriously. Radiance by Britney Spears, Make Up Forever, Sony and the website PlentyofFish.com… I half-expected her to crack open a can of Pepsi or start chowing down on a Macdonald’s burger. There’s nothing wrong with slipping in a few cleverly disguised products, but this was so in-your-face it felt like an infomercial. Brit, is your financial state that bad?

Secondly, she’s “paid tribute to” (let’s be honest, ripped off entirely) two big videos. One a little old, one a bit newer. One by the so-called queen of pop, the other by a nine-year-old pop princess. Confused? Brit seems to be too.

That whole bizarre high-heeled fight scene? With the really sketchy sound-effects, too. We’ve seen it before though. In Madonna’s video for Die Another Day. Sure, it’s not quite the same – in that, Madonna didn’t look like a badly disguised porn star – but it’s been done. In a massive way.

Secondly, the colours shooting forth from her fingertips, covering the room in craft paint. Seen that, very recently. In Willow Smith’s video for Whip My Hair. Britney, it’s not cool if a 9-year-old’s doing it at the same time.

And it may be time to let go of the dancing, Britney. It looked cool when you were 17, but now it’s just a little old. The choreography is tight, but Britney herself seems a bit sluggish. And when she’s not dancing around with a group of Chippendales or trying to kick her own butt, she looks like a big wedding-cake/alien/Barbie doll (who sprays colours out of her fingertips). So really, it’s a bit mixed up.

It’s a cool video – much better than I expected – but it seems a little unoriginal and uninspired. It’s a massive video for a massive single, and as such the production quality is superb – the set and cinematography in particular. But I just thought they could have done something a little more interesting for Britney’s big return.

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